-with Tony Robinson

Fitness Consultant

Tony Robinson Fitness Trainer

Tony Robinson is a Certified Personal Trainer through several accredited sanctioning organizations. His unique approach to weight management/ fitness training and his work with people rehabilitating from injuries has made him head and shoulders above his peers. The combination of Core/ Functional training /Pilates /Sports/ Martial arts & Track and Field makes him perfect for what ever your goals may be. He’s a trainer for everyone.

Working Out With Tony

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  • Tony has experience working with all age groups, young children to senior citizens.
  • Pre-natal & Post-natal women.
  • Experience with Amateur / Collegiate / National & Olympic caliber athletes.
  • Tony has worked with people who have had numerous health conditions and helped them regain a good quality of life again.

Who Trains with Tony?

  • Marathoner's who want to add endurance and shave time off their run.
  • People who want to run a 5k breast cancer or some other charity event.
  • Athletes who want to be quicker and stronger in their respective sport.
  • The mom who wants to get back into shape after the kids have gone to school.
  • The person who get winded after climbing a flight of steps.
  • A person who wants to lower their cholesterol or blood pressure so they are not dependent on medication.
  • People who want to become healthier so their insurance premiums go down.
Bottom line my friend is that you are awesome! Anyone out there who may be reading this please know that you could not be in better hands & I wouldn't entrust my future health to anyone else. You are cutting edge Tony. You're always one step ahead of the trends & dare I say you make exercise "FUN"! You're the best!!
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